Tucson Practice Group

Meeting times: First and third Saturdays of the month, 2pm – 4pm
    Little Chapel of All Nations (U of A campus)
    1052 N Highland Ave
    Tucson, AZ 85721
Group Coordinator: Willie Ames
Email: wames101@yahoo.com
Facebook: Tergar Tucson

Under Mingyur Rinpoche’s guidance, Tergar International has developed a Meditation Practice Group program to support groups that meet regularly to learn, discuss, and practice meditation, but who do not have access to a trained Tergar practice leader, facilitator, or instructor. Each session of this program includes two guided meditations, questions for discussion, selected readings from Mingyur Rinpoche’s two books, and take home meditation exercises. Practice groups operate independently of Tergar International, though more mature groups may eventually evolve into official Tergar Communities.


Forthcoming Events

September 13-November 15 ~ Joy of Living Meditation Fall Series
Including Calming the Mind Workshop, November 14–15, with Senior Tergar Instructor Cortland Dahl in Tucson

October 9-11 ~ Calming the Mind
Joy of Living Meditation Workshop with Tergar Asia Lama Ani Miaorong in Phoenix (in Chinese)

October 16-18 ~ Awakening Wisdom
Joy of Living Meditation Level III Workshop with Tergar Asia Lama Ani Miaorong in Phoenix (in Chinese)