Tergar Minneapolis / St. Paul

Under the guidance of Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, the Tergar Meditation Center holds a weekly drop-in meditation group, as well as periodic retreats, workshops, and classes on meditation and Tibetan Buddhism. Please join us!

Address: 706 N. 1st St., Suite 112, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (in the warehouse district)
Email: minneapolis@tergar.org
Phone: (612) 460-8837
Facebook: Tergar Minneapolis
Twitter: @TergarMSP

Upcoming Events

October 2 – November 20, 2014 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Joy of Living Level I – Discussion Group

November 7-9, 2014 – Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota
Residential Practice Retreat

November 15, 2014 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Be Here [Give] Now! – Tergar Community Celebration & Benefit

November 21, 2014 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Meditation in Everyday Life with Edwin Kelley

November 29, 2014 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nectar of the Path with Khenpo Kunga

December 6-7, 2014 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Joy of Living II Meditation Workshop with Edwin Kelley

January 2-8, 2015 – Middleton, Wisconsin
Training the Heart and Mind, a Path of Liberation Retreat with Khenpo Kunga

January 10, 2015 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Joy of Living II Mini-Retreat

January 23-25, 2015 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Joy of Living III Meditation Workshop – Awakening Wisdom with Edwin Kelley


Monthly Intro to Meditation Class
Interested in meditation but not sure where to begin? Please join us for a single-session intro to meditation class on the second Wednesday of every month, where we will learn some simple meditation techniques that will help us deal with the stresses of daily life and awaken us to the joy of the present moment. This free drop-in class is open to everyone. Read more…

Weekly Meditation Group
If you are a beginning meditator and would like to learn more, or if you are a seasoned practitioner and would like to deepen your practice, please join us every Tuesday evening as we explore the practice of mindfulness. Read more…

The Joy of Living
The Joy of Living is a course of meditation training that is open to people of all religious and cultural backgrounds. Learn more about Joy of Living Workshops and Retreats.

Exploring Buddhism
Exploring Buddhism is a study program that covers the core teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. These teachings address the full spectrum of Buddhist thought and practice, starting with teachings on the Four Noble Truths and leading up to the philosophy of Vajrayana Buddhism. Read more…

Path of Liberation
The Path of Liberation builds on the foundational teachings of the Joy of Living, presenting a course of Buddhist study and meditation practice rooted in the ancient teachings of Tibet. Learn more about Path of Liberation Workshops and Retreats.

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